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Is it mandatory requirement for an identity check when playing at an New Zealand online casino

Players who do not want to reveal their full identities to online casinos like playing in casinos that do not require verification. The phrase is confusing because it implies that even while the online casino does not ask its customers for an identity check, it still does not know who its customers are. Although it is not necessary to provide identification, the player’s information for the online casino is not kept confidential.Continue readingIs it mandatory requirement for an identity check when playing at an New Zealand online casino

Pokies: Know the Facts Before You Spin

New Zealand law allows pokie machines in certain premises for entertainment purposes only. Some people play pokies with money they can’t afford to lose, sometimes they play for the wrong reasons. This booklet will explain how it is impossible for a ‘system’ to beat a pokie machine; how the result of every spin is purely random and how each outcome is independent of any preceeding spins. The pokie machine is programmed forContinue readingPokies: Know the Facts Before You Spin

The top 5 casino film scenes of all time

Casinos in films increasingly feel like a whole different world from the ones we visit in real life. How often do you find yourself sat next to a guy in a big cowboy hat when you’re casion games or online slots? But for all their clichés and fanciful characters, casino movies continue to be nail-bitingly thrilling and entertaining. So to celebrate the very best of the genre, here are our top 5Continue readingThe top 5 casino film scenes of all time

Bingo is taking off

When the pandemic started it caused a lot of businesses to struggle by having to close their doors due to covid, this caused a lot of industries to close permanently. Bingo halls had to close their doors to customers and move to online but you can still find some that are still open and are seeing great success since opening the doors to customers once again. When the doors first closed atContinue readingBingo is taking off

Roulette Online New Zealand

For Beginners Playing Roulette Online New Zealand For Cash There are many types of online casino games globally today. Among them is Roulette, which impressively is the 3rd most popular casino game across the world today. It is a perplexing game too – not because all the digits on the wheel add up to 666 and thus the acronym – ‘The Devil’s Game.‘ Nor, the fact that the invention of this tableContinue readingRoulette Online New Zealand

Slot Machines’ Secrets and Myths

Even though luck is a great factor when playing UK Slots, there are ways you can increase your chance of winning while playing this great game. Winning the jackpot is hard but playing wisely is the most important thing if you want to stretch your bankroll as much as possible. There are free to play games and you can have fun with these without spending money, many casinos will even offer newContinue readingSlot Machines’ Secrets and Myths

5 Rookie Poker Mistakes

The low stakes games online are filled with players making lots of errors. Poker is a game of errors, make fewer than your opponent and you stand to win more than you lose. In this post, I’m going to highlight the most common rookie poker mistakes. By knowing them you can be one step away from avoiding them and raking in more pots. 1 – Poor Bankroll Management Players at low stakesContinue reading5 Rookie Poker Mistakes

3 Tips for Finding Trusted Casinos

Trust is important in all aspects of life, but particularly when it comes to online gambling. You want to know that you’re playing on a safe, respected and trustworthy site when you gamble. Otherwise, what’s the point in risking money if you don’t know? In this article, we’ll look at three helpful tips to ensuring you’re playing on the best websites. 1) Find Reviews One of the best things about 21st centuryContinue reading3 Tips for Finding Trusted Casinos

Top 5 of the best online poker sites in New Zealand

Casino games are very popular in New Zealand, and people consider them one of the most famous forms of entertainment. However, the Covid-19 pandemic locked down all brick-and-mortar casinos due to the health and safety measures. On the other hand, the online gambling market flourished, and many people registered their accounts at those operators. These circumstances led to high competition on the market, and online casinos are trying to attract as manyContinue readingTop 5 of the best online poker sites in New Zealand

What is a Live Casino?

A Live Casino is very much like a bricks and mortar casino in so far as you will find that they are operated by human beings. No longer do online players have to watch a computer simulation of a game, they can now play online with real people! For some people, locating and traveling to their nearest casino could be tricky, expensive, or something of a hassle – but with a LiveContinue readingWhat is a Live Casino?