Slot Machines’ Secrets and Myths

Even though luck is a great factor when playing UK Slots, there are ways you can increase your chance of winning while playing this great game. Winning the jackpot is hard but playing wisely is the most important thing if you want to stretch your bankroll as much as possible. There are free to play games and you can have fun with these without spending money, many casinos will even offer new players free spins on card registration, UK players can find these deals here.

By separating facts from fiction will help you to keep your bankroll in check so that you don´t end up losing all your money. There are a lot of myths floating online when it comes to winning slot machines, but you should remember that they are operated by computer and random number generators, and it’s not dependent on any kind of ritual whether you’ll get it or not. There are a number of beliefs that go along with these myths which can be disastrous to your bankroll.

On Payouts

A payout cannot be spotted in a slot machine. Payouts are determined by the game and not the machine, and winning combinations are determined by random number generators, which are programmed into the computer chip of a slot machine. There is no particular slot machine that gives out jackpots. Online and video slots also have random number generators, so they cannot be rigged, unless the casino doesn’t use number generators.

On Slot Machines

There are no loose machines in specific locations. The slot machine that you used today may not be same the next day, especially if it has given a jackpot. Plus, casinos move their machines around, and the only thing that can give a clue on the chances of winning or getting back your losses is the payout percentage.

On Counting Symbols

Players can calculate the odds of winning, but they cannot do so by counting the symbols on a reel. All slot machines are now computerized and use random number generators, whether they are an online or a land-based casino. These random number generators affect the odds in every game. This also makes it impossible to predict if the game will hand out a big payout or not. Casinos do have payout percentages, but that doesn’t mean that it will be given out regularly or on a certain time because payouts are given randomly.

On Rigged Games

Contrary to popular belief, casinos can’t just automatically tighten or loosen a game with a push of a button. They can change their slot machine’s computer chips, but casinos are regulated by law. Even though they may have higher stakes at a certain time to accommodate different types of players, games payouts are still regulated by random number generators.

The only way to ensure winning in a slot machine is by playing wisely.